Major Autohemotherapy – How It Works

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“If it really works, then why hasn’t my primary doctor told me about it?”

A very reasonable question and one that we receive quite frequently.  In a country that has so many options at its fingertips in treating and preventing disease, why is this therapy, that has been around for over 75 years and is used extensively in other countries such as Germany and Spain, so unknown?

We know that doctors want to help people, but there can be a variety of reasons why this particular therapy isn’t discussed often.  There may have been time restraints to research it further, there may be regulations put into place by departments or agencies that prevent them from suggesting it, or there may even be elements that are not familiar enough with to provide insight into this organic therapy.

Whichever the reason, it’s okay – because you’ve found it now.

Major Autohemotherapy is the infusion of ozone into the blood for systemic healing and prevention.  It provides pure, medical grade oxygen into blood cells, which in turn can:

  • stimulate or calm the nervous system (it works to equalize it for optimal health)
  • work as an anti-microbial to fight fungi, viruses, and bacteria from infections
  • increase mitochondria function for longer lasting, healthy cellular life
  • cleanse cells of toxins (such as medicines and diet/environmental hazards)
  • increase available anti-oxidants in the bloodstream such as glutathione to eliminate free-radicals
  • boost stem-cell production
  • decrease inflammation

in addition to other many positive effects.

These responses can be significant to fighting and preventing disease.  At Optimized Wellness, we don’t see this as an “alternative therapy” because of its history and natural, organic process, but of an “adjunct therapy” – a holistic option that can help slow and many times reverse disease.  Ozone works best when applied to a comprehensive treatment plan.

This treatment is best for disease or concerns that affects the entire body at a systemic level, such as:

  • autoimmune disease: rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS
  • neurological degeneration: dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
  • cancer (as a complementary therapy)
  • family history of disease and the prevention of it as well as many other systemic illnesses.

Click here for a more in-depth look at how ozone therapy can help with these and other issues.

Now, let’s discuss how this works.

Once an ozone therapy treatment plan has been developed (based on your illness and

condition) with our nurse practicer, Jordan Bernard, who is certified by the American Academy of

Ozone Therapy, office appointments are scheduled for ozone infusion.

At the appointment, an IV is started to drain a precise amount of blood (the exact amount depends on what is being treated and the severity, but is typically anywhere between 50-250 ml) into an IV bag.  The bag is placed low to the ground for gravity purposes and collects the blood rather quickly.

After the blood is collected, pure ozone gas (not the same ozone as in the environment!) is injected into the bag to mix with the blood.

During this process (which is about 15 minutes), ozone dissolves into the blood plasma, activating enzymes, and causing chemical reactions – this is where cells are nourished with fresh oxygen, are cleansed of toxins, and are in a way – given new life!

Once completed, the fresh oxygenated blood is introduced back into the body by a slow IV drip and the revived plasma circulates throughout the body.  Although it may disperse throughout the entire body, the clean, re-energized blood cells tend to travel towards the area(s) that they are needed the most – particularly where inflammation lies.

What does this do?

So much!

We know that healthy cells thrive on fresh, pure oxygen.  If we think about disease stemming from old cells that are bogged down with toxins, aren’t receiving proper nutrients from our diets,

are dying off quickly and new ones might grow with mutations, then providing a dense infusion of oxygen can:

  • clean out those toxins (including poisons and medicines ingested)
  • increase blood circulation
  • boost stem-cell growth
  • slow growth of mutated cells (such as tumors)
  • provide additional anti-oxidants available to go after free-radicals
  • decrease inflammation
  • encourage healthy cell growth and cell age

which can all be crucial for healing and prevention of disease.

What should I expect?

The entire process for each appointment generally lasts from 30-45 minutes.

Some people report to us that they feel an energized sensation or mind clarity immediately following the treatment, while others report no effects until a day or two later.

Typically, people begin to feel better within 24-28 hours of a treatment and continue to feel better long after that.  A treatment plan of 12 sessions is most commonly prescribed for optimal results.

Negative side effects are quite rare and are mostly symptoms related to detoxification such as headache, muscle aches, and/or flu like symptoms.  If this reaction is felt, the amount of ozone used in future infusions is slightly lowered as to not overwhelm the system.

How do I know if this could work for me?

It’s easy – just contact us.

Each of our bodies is different and we may be suffering from different disease or desired prevention of a variety of disease, so it’s most beneficial to talk directly with Jordan about your individual condition, concerns, and goals.  Jordan is one of only a few hundred practitioners in the country certified to provide ozone therapy so she is well-versed and knowledgeable on how this treatment could be of benefit to what you are suffering from.

If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Littleton, Parker, Centennial, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, or in the Greater Denver Metro area – please contact us at (303) 542-7202 or click here.

“Ozone therapy isn’t intimidating or alternative.  It is organic, holistic, and a healthy treatment that is simply…good medicine.” – Jordan Bernard, APRN, FNP-C